The MINI Membership Model


The MINI Membership Model: How To Create A M.I.N.I. Membership Site



The Mini Membership Model: How To Create A M.I.N.I. Membership Site

(33 Page Report in .PDF Format – Instant Download)

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The Mini Membership Model is a concise, yet comprehensive, special report. In a short amount of space, you’ll learn what creating a mini membership is all about, as well as what you need to do to get your own site “live” and taking orders.

A few of the things you’ll learn as soon as you download your copy include…

  • My proprietary M.I.N.I. membership site formula where I introduce you to the four key steps to building the perfect one-off site to sell memberships to. I use the acronym “M.I.N.I.” to illustrate each of the steps…
  • M – Market: here’s where you choose a hungry market to sell your memberships to, plus you choose the topic of your site (such as tennis, homeschooling, body building, improving a golf game, etc). I’ll give you half a dozen ways to find a hungry market, suggestions on finding the right topic, and 20 fill-in-the-blank templates for selecting a title for your site.
  • I – Information: Creating your membership site content is easy when you use private label rights (PLR) content! You can over-deliver by offering your members tightly-related niche eBooks, reports, audios, videos, software and more! I’ll give you recommended resources and ways to find high-quality PLR content, insider tips for choosing the right materials and more than a dozen ideas and tips for repurposing the content for your mini membershp site!
  • N – Network: Here you’ll discover how to set up a password-protected membership website, collect payments and more. I’ll give you simple suggestions and a run-down of action steps, for getting your site up and running as quickly as possible! Note: You will need to have experience in writing your own salesletter, as well as intermediate WordPress skills.
  • I – Invite: All that’s left to do is invite your prospects to become customers! While traffic generation is outside the scope of this special report, I’ll give you a one-page checklist of the top 15 ways to quickly get the word out about your new membership site so prospects can start becoming paying customers!

I can tell you this with great certainty – I wish I had had this report when I set up my first mini membership site back in July 2001. Yep, that’s right … I’ve been using this strategy for more than a decade! I’ve fine-tuned it and am sharing what I’ve learned inside this report.

IMPORTANTThe Mini Membership Model is a special report. It is not a detailed, “how-to” home study course on the subject. It is a “what to do” report. The necessary steps are shared, but there is not a lengthy explanation of them.


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